Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OK, well I didn't really go to bed early last night, but I did rise early this morning.  I bagged some time working on the short story: "The Last Word"--and that's a working title.

I did spend a few hours last night fiddling with this blog, getting the pistons moving, working layout and template.  I am happy with it so far.  I was looking at it again now and I think my landing photo is too large.  Outsized, say I.  Enormous.  But that's an easy fix.

I also banged out two posts (which you will see below) and that made me happy.  I like.  In the immortal words of that guy from the A-Team whose name at this moment escapes me: "I love it when a plan comes together."

So the warm blanket of sleep and the overcoat of dreams (like that?) were thrown off promptly at 7:30 this morning--a full two hours before my butt needed to be at work.  Blood flowed on the short walk to the grab-n-go to get coffee, then, were you to drift into my CHU under the crack in the door around the eight o'clock hour, you would have found me tap tap tapping away at my laptop, snug as a bug in a rug.

The writing comes.  That's the important bit.  Slowly at first, haltingly, like a car with an old motor chuggin' the steep hill of literary progress.  What's at the top, waiting?  I wonder.

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