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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey, Kristin Creative just topped 100 followers over at her blog--due to her great content. To celebrate, she's running a contest. Get all the details here. Why not stop by and say hello?

And while I'm at it, I'm going to take the opportunity to welcome all you awesome folks who recently started following this blog. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. "What do I get for joining?" you ask. Well let me tell you:

Book Reviews: I should finish Knowls' "A Separate Peace" soon, and then I'll review it for you. "ASP" isn't on the hot read list, I know, but there'll still be wisdom to share anyway. I have a review of Hallie Burnett's "Fiction Writer's Handbook" in the can too.

Short Stories: One of the two short stories I'm working on--"The Gull" or "Big Win"--will soon be ripe for the sharing. I haven't decided which one. Any votes based on title?

Conquering the Page: Hunting around like a dog in the woods for a way to contribute to this great big writing conversation, I hit upon an idea: why not share lessons I've learned during my nearly 18-year military career?

So {cue "2001--A Space Odyssey" music, massively cool baritone announcer voice, noises of airplanes dive bombing and fifty-caliber machinegun fire}: Coming in February, "Conquering the Page: Creating Your Own Fiction Writer's Battle Plan", a post series designed to help you target your key writing terrain, neutralize pesky enemies like writer's block and lack of motivation, and take that first-draft beachhead and hold it. {OK, OK, stop the soundtrack now...}

And much much more.

Sounds fun, doesn't it? Seriously, I promise I'll keep the melodramatic war metaphors on the DL, although one or two may still infiltrate the front lines (eh?). So stick around. The next few weeks will be a blast. We may all learn a thing or two as well.

What about you? What groovy posts or projects are you working on?

8 bolts from the blue:

Emily Cross said...

oooh sounds absolutely excellent - especially your military experience. Along time ago i was hoping to do something similar to archtype writing cause of my psych background but they do such an amazing job as is lol.

Looking forward to your posts :)

Shelby said...

" What groovy posts or projects are you working on?"

Me?! Why ... I'm so glad you asked.

I'm offering free books on my blog. A contest - it ends tonight at midnight.

Absolutely free.

Books. Free.

With spines and covers and pages.


SM Schmidt said...

But melodrama is at the heart of sincerity, or is it good intentions? My main project is waiting. I'm stuck twiddling my thumbs till my beta readers send their notes. I don't dare start another novel in the meantime since school's begun. Patience is so exciting.

Postman said...

"The Gull." I wanna hear about "The Gull." Title evokes fond memories of Richard Bach.

These all sound like brilliant serial ideas, sir. I'm looking forward to hearing from them. Any lessons you'd have to share would be especially useful (and damn interesting).

Looking forward to it all...

Lydia Sharp said...

I'd be interested in reading both of those stories.

If you don't mind, I'm going to use you as research. For realz. I need a new motivation to finish a couple military sci-fi stories that have been collecting dust for almost a year.

Lots of good ideas here! Looking forward to it. :)

arlee bird said...

Write negative stories about the military and you might sell them to Hollywood. Write positive stories about the military and you'll sell them to the rest of us.

I'd like to hear about the "Big Win" cause it's good to hear about winning.


Al said...

I am going mad and getting ready to self publish my first novel.
I am trying to write my second novel. At least when I'm not: sorting issues out with the first novel; posting on my blog; reading other blogs; or doing my day job.


Publish or Perish

Jon Paul said...

Emily--Thanks! You should give the archetype thing a go. Lots of rich material there IMHO.

Shelby--sounds cool, but as you now know, I am giving books away too. So no dice!

Schmity--When it comes to good intentions, you must be talking about the road to Baghdad. Actually, I've found that buffoonery is at the heart of sincerity--at least that's always worked for me. :D

Postie--Richard Bach rocks. Yes, ladies and gentleman, we've discovered yet another JP-Postie coincidence. Maybe we were twins in another life (?).

I'm leaning toward "The Gull" too, but I'm also having trouble with it, so we'll see who comes out on top of that wresting match.

Lydia--happy to be of assistance on the motivation and info fronts. Military questions? hit me up. My rates are very low. Thanks for the follow, BTW.

Lee--I think you're on to something. I was getting ready to say that military fiction isn't my forte, but in fact I have not yet identified my forte. Much of what I do write has no military association, but now you got me thinking.

And "Big Win" is actually about losing. Dramatic irony and all that--but maybe it's worth sharing anyway.

Al--How is the self-publishing game going? I know nothing about it so would be interested in knowing more.

I like how you listed your day job last; that matches my priority list too.

Thanks for stopping by guys!

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