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Saturday, February 13, 2010

"He that uses many words for explaining any subject doth, like the cuttlefish, hide himself for the most part in his own ink."

~~John Ray

4 bolts from the blue:

Liza said...

Gave you a little shout on yesterday's blog. How is Shutter Island? Part of the movie was filmed one town over from me.

Postman said...

That does it. I am SO getting rid of that damned aquarium.

M. Gray said...

Ah, I love this quite. I'm a minimalist!!

Jon Paul said...

Liza--thanks again for the attention. I could say I don't like it much, but that would be a lie. Shows you how out of it I am over here: I didn't even know they were making the novel into a movie.

Postie--Aquariums are over-rated. If you want to make some real noise, re-purpose the TV set.

M.--Thank you. Minimalism isn't my strong suit. I could say more, but, well, you get the picture.

Thanks for stopping by guys!

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