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Friday, February 19, 2010

We come to a rolling stop on yet another fun filled week here at WSMG.  I am stoked. It won't be too much longer before I start my journey home, so the heart's all a pitter-patter these days.

We have some very nice Link-ee Link-ee lined up, but you know what comes first, don't you.  Say it.  SAY IT!

That's right.  One joke.  Coming right up.

Joke du Jour:

A novelist wanting to write a novel about life at the warfront gets a once in a lifetime break.  The military decides to let him come in and interview some soldiers just before a big battle, where many of them are expected to lose their lives.  He doesn't have much time, so he boils his interviews down to one question: "Did you come here to die?"

The General's aide brings the writer into a makeshift barracks where they have a number of soldiers from different countries there who will be participating in the battle.  First up is the Brit:

Writer: Did you come here to die?

Brit: No, sah!  I figyah I got a pretty good chance of pullin' throo this mess, inf'n our sergeant major don't run us up the pike.  Ya know what I mean?
The writer thanks the Brit and goes to the American:
Writer:  Did you come here to die?
American:  Die?  Are you kidding me?  I'm not gonna die.  It's those guys on the other side!  They're the one's that are gonna die, get me?
The Writer thanks the American.  Next up, the Australian.
Writer:  Did you come here to die?

Australian:  No sir!  I got here yesterday.


*drumroll please*  And now for a big slice of Friday Link Love:
  • On her blog Secret October, Damien put up a nice post and questions whether writer's block really exists.  Thoughts?
  • Professional writer Roz Morris had this great post on her blog Nail Your Novel discussing whether your novel idea has already been done before. 
  • My friend Greg Romero is one of the most inspiring, hard-working writers I know.  He's a playwright currently working in Philly, and he truly has the truth hidden under his coat--in an elevator.  About every two months or so, I wander back to this amazing post of 73 passions he put up a few years back.  If you read this, I promise you, you'll be inspired in a new way. 
Enjoy, and write one of your writing passions in the comments.  I'll throw mine into the mix too.

12 bolts from the blue:

dirtywhitecandy said...

What a great list, I'm proud to be part of it!

Claire Dawn said...

Thanks for the love! How do you follow so many blogs?!

As for the joke, one of my Japanese teachers is always on about the Aussi accent. I'm going to have to relay that one to him. lol!

Claire Dawn said...

Thanks for the other links as well. There were fantastic.

I love Greg's list. I want to hug it and kiss it and marry it and wake up next to it every mornign for the rest of my life!

Laura said...

LOL...Gotta love the Aussie accent.

Thanks for the links as well. Always enjoy reading new people.:)

Anissa said...

A writing passion huh? I feel really passionate about the YA genre. It was pretty much nonexistent when I was a teen, and I'm envious of the great works today's teens get to read. The genre is so open too, which makes writing within it a total blast!

Have an awesome weekend. :)

Meghan Ward said...

Thanks for the mention and the links, JP!

Postman said...

I want to know where you keep coming up with these puns that I'VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE. I thought I'd run through 'em all at least once. Well played, sir, well played. That was another humdinger.

You know, these writing links you put up are insanely helpful. And they're inspiring, too. They make me want to quit merely whining on my blog and start actually writing stuff that could HELP other people. Never considered that idea before. Thanks for the links, buddy. Another great post. Hope the homecoming process goes smoothly from here on out.

SM Schmidt said...

I second Postman, these jokes while corny are hilarious but where are they coming from?!

Greg's list, wow. I think my favorite was 53 "To surround myself with people who will kick my ass." No wonder you find so many awesome links when you're reading all these gems of blogs.

Christi Goddard said...

Left you an award. It's not from your evil twin.

Jon Paul said...

Roz--Awesome! You've got great stuff at your place so it's easy to want to share it.

Claire--I have to think and see if I have any Japanese oriented jokes. A funny rittre sulplise.

Claire (redux)--Greg is the coolest, ain't he! One day he will be one of the Masters of the Universe (and we're not talking toys either).

Laura--Sure thing!

Anissa--YA does seem very cool--and very hot--these days. Thanks for sharing your passion.

Meghan--Ditto what I said to Roz. The high quality of your stuff makes it so easy to share, it's a no brainer.

Postie!--Yeah I've collected all these jokes on my travels down through the years. I never thought I'd ever find a use for them, but here we are. Miracles/accidents do happen.

I'm hoping homecoming goes smoothly also. Report to follow.

Schmidty--That's one of my favorite ones too. Greg sent me an updated list last night (he updates it now and again); I'm looking forward to see the new ones.

In fact, the passion I promised to share is closely related. Not only do I want to write books that people will like (and want to buy preferably so I can make a living at writing), but I also now know that there is this amazing writing community out there, and I want to be a part of it and contribute as much as I can--because I think it's in the ass-kicking that Greg refers to that the magic happens.

{small man wearing Mickey Mouse ears walks in and takes away the soapbox. JP smiles}

Christi--Wow! Double Wow! Did I mention: Wow! Thanks for thinking of me. It makes me feel all--well, check the comment on your blog!

Thank you all for stopping by!

Stephanie Thornton said...

I moseyed on over from Jade's blog. That sign alone was worth it- hilarious!

As for my passion? History. Egypt. Love it!

Jon Paul said...

Stephanie--Awesome! Thanks. I've been following the Egyptian happenings on your blog with great interest. Thanks for stopping by and for becoming a follower.

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