Friday Link Love: Pooch, Outlaw

Thursday, February 4, 2010

This week blew by like a locomotive and I can hardly believe it's time again for Friday Link Love.  We have an amazing group of posts lined up below (here's last week's list if you missed it).  But first, a joke (if you haven't heard about my jokes or you're faint of heart, avert their eyes).

Pooch, Outlaw

An author finishes his novel and begins the query process.  He gets request after request from agents for partial and full manuscripts.  The novel is a mainstream fiction story involving murder and family struggles, set against the hard unforgiving landscape of the American West.

Despite this promising premise, each agent in turn declines to take the MS, and the author is understandably concerned.  Here are the novel's first few lines:

Chapter One

A three-legged dog walks into a saloon.  The barkeep glances up.  He appraises the dog with a skeptical eye.  "Can I help you?"

The dog growls back:  "Yeah.  I'm lookin' fer the man who shot my paw."


Now for some Friday Link Love:

  • Karen at Eternal Moonshine had a really inspiring post about not staying in your comfort zone as a writer--based on Libba Bray's "Year of Writing Dangerously."  I finished this read ready to bench press a house!
  • Courtney and her crit group, "Critique This," are running a Blogfest: Love At First Sight!  That should be fun.  Get all the details here.  If you were sleeping under a rock (like me) and missed the recently completed Fight Scene Blogfest, you can still check it out.

Another WSMG week comes to an end.  It was fun, and thanks all for reading and staying groovy. 

On a separate note:  WARNING!  WARNING!  WARNING!  INCOMING FIRE!  If you don't know what that means, check back tomorrow.  :D

7 bolts from the blue:

Shelby said...

I laughed OUT LOUD in the dark at 6:09 this morning.

Quite an accomplishment.. 'who shot my paw'

Whodoneit indeed.

happy friday.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Aww, how sweet to include me. Thank you. Take pics when you bench press that house. Happy Friday!

Liza said...

It may be sappy, but I love these kind of jokes. Thanks for the links.

Candice said...

Is that joke an original because if so I'd say ha ha, very clever!

I've been wanting to read, A Separate Peace for a while now. I hope you'll do a book review.

Postman said...

So there I am, lying on my bed, still in my pajamas, the bleariness still in my head and eyes...and then I read "who shot my paw" and I burst out laughing. I nearly choked. Nice one, man.

And thanks for the link love! Wow, that was effusive. You sure know how to make a guy feel all warm and fuzzy and appreciated inside. Gracias, amigo. I have to check out some of those other fascinating blogs you've listed, too. Thanks a lot, I mean it.

Jon Paul said...

Shelby--Happy Weekend to you as well. Glad I could provide a laugh.

Karen--Sure thing. I'll get right on that! Seriously, when posts like yours are so inspirational, they're easy to share.

Liza--I haven't mentioned it, but "Sappy" is my middle name.

Candice--I wish i could take credit for such humorous originality, but alas it is a joke I picked up somewhere in my travels. Also, a review of ASP is in the works; I finished reading it last night.

Postie--What can I say, man? Another of my middle names is "Effusive" and a third is "Make Readers Choke." So I have all the bases covered!

Seriously, vielen dank for the support on this side. Every little bit helps.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

Kimberly Franklin said...

LOL! That joke was Hi Larious! ; )

Love your blog. Now to go check out the links. Have a great weekend!!!

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