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Saturday, February 20, 2010

[WARNING: Incoming off-topic ramble!]

Not too long ago, one of my co-workers in the office (hi Erika!) decided it would be fun to get some Sea Monkeys.

I know what you're going to say, and yes, Sea Monkeys are allowed in a Combat Zone under the Geneva Convention as long as you treat them humanely.  Which brings me to my next point.

They're dead.  Every single one of those little suckers.  The office is a bit of a mess now, everyone handling the loss in their own ways.

You see, Erika went on R and R and nobody fed them while she was gone.  And their Sea Monkey Souls went up to that too-small barely functional Aquarium (with built in viewing lense) in the Sky.

But we were discussing what we should do with the Bodies.  It felt weird somehow to just throw them out.  That feeling you get about properly disposing of pets.  What is the right thing to do?

Wow.  This post has taken a very weird macabre turn I wasn't expecting.

Anyway, we started wondering what a Sea Monkey Graveyard would look like.  I decided "Sea Monkey Graveyard" would be a cool name for a band.  But you know and I know that I'm way too busy to be in a band, even in one with such a cool name as Sea Monkey Graveyard (first hit number would be "Dying on the Vine in a Too Small Aquarium" BTW).

[Off topic ramble concluded.  You may return to your normal programming.]

I'm much too busy because cool writers like Christi over at "A Torch in the Tempest" are giving me awards.  Wow!  Thanks Christi!  I am totally blown away.  I mean that.  Totally.  Blown.  Away.

Christi gave me the Creative Writer Award.  Thank you so very much, Christi.  I'm honored.

I'm not sure what it is I'm doing to deserve such praise, but I'll try to keep doing it.  Now I'm supposed to talk about ten things that brighten my day and pass it along to a few worthy folks.  So without further adieu:
1.  Sea Monkeys.  Living, breathing Sea Monkeys.
2.  Comments.  The big fat juicy ones are my favorite.
3.  Any day without an IED or IDF (InDirect Fire--mortars, rockets, etc.) is pretty bright in my book.
4.  My daughter Muffin's laugh.
5.  A nap.
6.  A beer so ice-cold that it burns my hand to hold it.
7.  The way my wife Furnace Girl pretends not to trust me but trusts me implicitly.
8.  Good coffee.
9.  Reading all your (and when I say "your" I mean YOU) awesome and amazing and incredible blogs.
10. Licorice. 
So passing it on is always difficult.  There are so many great folks doing great work--some I've gotten to know relatively well considering the short time this blog has been around.  I think for this award, I'm going to choose a few fresh faces (at least fresh to me) that have caught my eye recently.  Here goes:
Thank you guys for all being great contributors to the writing community, and I humbly pass along this Creative Writer Award to you!  The fact that I have listed them here means you, dear reader, must now go visit them.  That's the rule, and around here, rules are rules.

Thanks again, Christi, for the award, and everyone don't forget to pay her a visit at her cool place too!  As always, stay groovy, and thanks for reading.

23 bolts from the blue:

Rachel Fenton said...

What are sea monkeys? I never knew monkeys had gills - or do they get provided with diving bells at birth?

Jon Paul said...

Rachel--Good point. I should have understood my audience better and realized not everyone knows what Sea Monkeys are. I added a link at the top of the post.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jerry said...

Whether mourning Sea Monkeys, receiving or bestowing awards -- you do it with panache.

I didn't know that Sea Monkeys were still a thing. The last I saw those critters was when I was a small tyke too many years ago. I suspect I didn't have a funeral for them when they died...and I now apologize for that.

Congrats on your award and I can understand why you were selected. I look forward to reading more.

Christi Goddard said...

You're mighty welcome. I always wanted Sea Monkeys as a kid. They had these full page ads in the comic books I collected and they looked so cool. Alas, my parents did not think I should be in charge of an entire city of creatures who worshipped me.

Livia said...

Thanks for the award :-) Hmm, I've never had Sea Monkeys, but I don't know if I could stand the trauma of their loss.

bclement412 said...

Whoa thanks for the award! My first ever :) And congrats to you too.

SM Schmidt said...

I think I nearly choked on my breakfast this morning thank you for the award!

I could never enjoy aquariums in friend's home growing up, including sea monkeys, since I visited the giant one in Monterey so often growing up. Sea Monkeys bah in the face of a giant octopus!

sarahjayne smythe said...

Sorry about the Sea Monkeys. It really is a shame.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm over here following you from Carol's blog and that I'm eagerly awaiting the 'Drunk at first sight' blogfest.

Postman said...

A most excellent crop of links once again, my friend! And some truly intriguing sunshiny things.

I knew that Sea Monkeys were small, begilled and swam, but I don't really know what they look like up close. Last time I saw them was grade-school science class. Rest in pieces, sea monkeys.

(And I agree "Sea Monkey Graveyard" would be a good name for a band. Some Lovecraftian influence wouldn't go amiss, either.)

There, was this comment fat and juicy enough?

P.S. You like LICORICE?!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

I always wanted sea monkeys when I was a kid. Bizarre little things. Now I teach first grade and we get guppies to observe every year. They come in the mail and they are a half inch big at best (perfect for being way too small for young children to observe). Last week our new guppies had a whole mess of miniscule guppy babies... it's like my sea monkey dream come true! Until they get eaten by the big ones. And then I'll be mourning with a room full of 6 yr olds. :/

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Must add that is quite the informative wikipedia entry on sea monkeys.

*sigh* Is nothing left to mystery anymore?


Anissa said...

Dude! I didn't realize I was "throwing up" posts. LOL! That totally made my day.

Seriously though, thank you for the linky love. You're such a sweetheart.

Off to hurl on my blog now...

The Invisible Seductress said...

Here's a big FAT juicy comment for ya!!


Nice right??? I am so glad I could brighten your day!!! wink

Nova said...

I microwaved sea monkeys once. Before they hatched, of course, because I'm not a total monster. They lived for probably a week and then sort of meshed together like play-doh except I didn't take their corpses out and smush into funny shapes. It was quite sad. I've never been able to look at sea monkeys since.

Tiffany Neal said...

I'm sorry for your loss. :(
But, congrats on the award. I followed you over from Christi's blog. She's been the award guru recently, so I had to check out who she's been giving them all away to. :)

Wandering-Quill said...

Nice award.

Wow. I didn't think sea monkeys were a thing anymore either. I had them way back, and killed them. Twice.

Somehow, a first grader doesn't make the connection between sunshiny window ledge and algae jungle in their aquarium...

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Amazing how all anyone has to do is mention monkeys and I'm interested. Even sea monkeys. May they rest in peace.
Congrats on the awards!

Jon Paul said...

Jerry--Thank you, kind Sir.

Chrisi--Yeah, I was hooked on the comics too, but this was actually my first run in with Sea Monkeys in the flesh.

Livia--Devestating, isn't it?!

Bailey--Sure thing. You deserve it.

Schmidty--You're welcome and I hope it didn't put too big a dent in breakfast. The one near Cannery Row (if memory serves)? Yeah, that aquarium rocks.

Sarahjayne--Yeah, it's going up today (my today, probably your tomorrow), so stick around!

Postie--Just the way I like it my friend. And yes: licorice. Will miracles never cease?

Dangerous--I think I am a lot like one of those six year-olds. When it comes to mourning the Sea Monkeys too, I'm a lot like them. :D Yeah, I was surprised at the length of the wiki article too.

Anissa--I meant throwing up like throwing paint on a wall or throwing a spotlight up on a stage or throwing a film up...I'm not going to talk myself out of this, am I?

I suppose I owe you an apology. Next time, I'll be more careful in my use of verbs that could be confused with bodily functions. Gets me in trouble every time. :D

Seductress--That DOES brighten my day. Awesomesalsa.

Nova--I'm so relieved your not a total monster. I feel your pain.

Tiffany--Thank you. Christi does rock, doesn't she?

Quill--Actually, I didn't either. I thought Sea Monkeys had gone the way of the hoolah hoop and the dinosaur. Two time offender. Now I don't feel so bad. :)

Karen--The number of interesting things you reveal to us is growing by the day. Thanks on the congrats.

And thank you all, every single one of you, for stopping by and commenting. It certainly brightened my day! Ya'll have a great day as well.

P. S. As Sarahjayne mentioned, a few of us are sponsoring a "Drunk At First Sight" Blogfest to coincide with St. Patrick's Day! Check back later today for all the details.

Rachel Fenton said...

Ewe and wow. Thanks for the link.

Jon Paul said...

Rachel--You're welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Kim Harrington said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I tried Sea Monkeys twice in my life, both with the same end.

Jon Paul said...

Kim--Funny I keep hearing that same story over and over again. Perhaps it's a conspiracy.

Rachel said...

I have had two separate encounters with Sea Monkey cultivation:

The first was back in high school when I gave my Jewish friend a sea monkey kit for Christmas. She shoved the tiny aquarium back at me and said "I don't want these damn things, grow them at your house!" She didn't reject my gift because she was Jewish, but only because they squicked her out.

The second time being when my daughter was almost three and I thought a batch sea monkeys would be great first pets for her. Those things grew from cute little squiggly things to disgusting, alien spawn looking creatures about two inches long. And then they died and stunk up the room. I didn't give them a proper burial, but in hindsight, I probably should have.

Waddaya wanna say?

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