The Heart Is An Organ Of Fire

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"It is not in the nature of man—nor of any living entity—to start out by giving up, by spitting in one’s own face and damning existence; that requires a process of corruption whose rapidity differs from man to man. Some give up at the first touch of pressure; some sell out; some run down by imperceptible degrees and lose their fire, never knowing when or how they lose it. Then all of these vanish in the vast swamp of their elders who tell them persistently that maturity consists of abandoning one’s mind; security, of abandoning one’s values; practicality, of losing self-esteem. Yet a few hold on and move on, knowing that the fire is not to be betrayed, learning how to give it shape, purpose and reality. But whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, men
seek a noble vision of man’s nature and of life’s potential."
~~Ayn Rand

5 bolts from the blue:

The Invisible Seductress said...


Lydia Sharp said...

That picture makes me want to go camping. Stovetop s'mores will have to do for now.

elizabeth mueller said...

I believe it takes strength, courage and tenacity to keep one's fire burning bright. I've lost my fire a long time ago and it was unpleasant darkness that I fumbled through.

I've found the spark once more and it burns hotter. Brighter. Stronger than it has ever before. I will not stumble again!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Ah, Ayn. She makes me think of high school and the boy I loved then.

Jon Paul said...

Thanks guys for the comments, and for stopping in.

Waddaya wanna say?

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