Sunday, May 30, 2010

We drove out of Texas yesterday.  The sun hung high above us, chasing our Cherokee across coastline roads en-route to Louisiana, through the flyovers and hot concrete of Houston, onward towards the swamps of the Mississippi coast.

All morning our little one, Muffin, asked in a plaintive voice reserved for two year-olds and hurricane victims: "Where's our house?"

We offered an explanation in civil tones--we were moving to Sicily--but she would not be consoled.  At one point, it looked as if she might cry.

By late afternoon, we crossed over into the Bayou state, pressing on until the placid expanse of freeway gave way to the quaint, antidiluvian manors and cottages of Lafayette.  We had dinner with one of Furnacegirl's friends, then stood outside the restaurant for what seemed like an hour, hastening to catch a flash of lightning from a distant summer storm, watching the gumdrop sun float down through mists over the fields, like an eggyolk soaking into white cotton.

I have a feeling we'll keep catching ourselves looking West for some time to come.

This morning we pack.  The road to Montgomery beckons.  It promises to be a good day, so I leave you with this old John Denver favorite of mine and hope that wherever you are, it feels like home.

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Summer said...

Give me a wave if/when you hit Georgia. :-) Safe travels!

Christi Goddard said...

Drive safe. Travelling with little ones can by trying, and it's probably hard for her to understand moving. Us Texans will miss you!

DL Hammons said...

Safe travels!!!!! :)

Donna Hole said...

Have a safe journey JP.

Unsolicited advice: when you get stopping places, pull out the baby's favoirite toys and put them in a place that feels like her own. When you get to your new home, set up her room first. Once she has her familiar stuff, she'll accept the new home immediately.

See something interesting on your trip. Good luck.


Jerry said...

Moving is just as traumatic for older folk as the kids. The difference is that the kids talk about it out loud.

Jojomama said...

Moving is a pain and an adventure. I have done it too many times.
Hope you go safely and that your new place feels like home. (=

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Hey Darl'n! This song always makes me feel bittersweet.

It expresses so much with such a sweet and simple melody.

As fun as dance mixes and extravagant orchestra pieces can be it is often the most simple of songs that remind us how precious life is.

We make big moves, big changes when we have a family. Those changes are difficult they test us in more ways than one, but it is often the smile of a child, the hand squeeze from a loved one or the simple realization that though we may be far from what we call home, so long as family is with us we will be okay.

Be safe & know we are thinking of you and the sacrifices you make every day to keep us safe. ;o)

Visit My Kingdom Anytime

Meghan Ward said...

I'm confused - where are you moving? And is your ground training over? How did that go? Good luck with the rest of the move! (I love your award scroll over there in the sidebar, by the way).

Lola Sharp said...

Be safe, and thank you and your family for the sacrifices you make for our country.

Hugs to Muffin.

Furna said...

Thank you everyone for the well wishes, we are nearly finished with our journey.

Postman said...

Safe travels indeed, sir. Good choice of music. Hope everything goes well, that Muffin perks up and no obstructive problems are encountered. Good luck.

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