I Got A Fevah!

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday afternoon here.  I'm home, sipping a beer, enjoying some downtime.

It rained all week, so it was a surprise to wake this morning and find the sky clear, the distant line of mountains visible, and the air cool--like a forest when there is no wind.  Driving in, I found I was humming to myself--no tune in particular--but happy with the sun and shade, and my lot in life.

It's been a week now that I've been back to posting on this blog.  It feels pretty good to have once again found my rhythm.  In fact, there's a little part of me that marvels frankly that I was able to go so long without it.  It's ineffable, but hanging out here with you all in this thing called the blogosphere makes a real difference, at least to me.

Basically, I still got the writing fever--the one I caught late last year in Baghdad.  There was a moment or two late this summer, when I hadn't posted in ages and hadn't written a word on my WIP or on any of my short stories, where I wondered if I had gotten "over" my sickness.  I puzzled at the symptoms, speculated that maybe this whole writing thing was a passing fancy, a lark, an experiment.  Maybe writing fiction was an avocation that looked inviting when living in a desert far away from home, but not an endeavor essential to an easy, well-defined life among family and friends and responsibilities.  Maybe I was no longer "sick" to write at all.

Being back has told me exactly the opposite.  I still got the fever--and it's not going anywhere soon.  Yeah, it's morphed some, mutated, transformed into an illness a little less desperate and a lot more grounded, but I still feel a deep affection when I read a new novel, and I still drive home of an afternoon thinking on how to solve a particular plot or character-related dilemma, only to arrive at my front door having no clue or memory how I got there.  (Gawd, I really love that!).

No, in a word, the prognosis is bad--uh, er, good!  I got a fever, and the only prescription is more writing!

Since I totally lifted that line, and since I want to send you off to the weekend in a good mood, I now present the comic stylings of Christopher Walken and Will Farrell!  Enjoy the video, and have a great a groovy one!

I can hear it now, me sayin': "Yeah, but when I put my pants on, I write blockbuster novels!" :P

7 bolts from the blue:

Liza said...

What a wonderful, inspiring, smile provoking post...and that was before I realized you posted "More Cow Bell." When I realized you included that skit, I gave this post an A+. Enjoy your weekend.

Pat Tillett said...

however intense the fever is, it's always a good thing. even if it's for no other reason than to get your thoughts on paper (or computer).

Lola Sharp said...

Ha! I love More Cow Bell! :) I too give this post an A+ for multiple reasons...your happiness and fever being at the top of the list.

Niki said...

hehehe Love the cow bell and the hairdos and the belly button!!! Great post :o)

Jo Schaffer said...


Jon Paul said...

Thanks guys! And thanks for stopping by!

Claire Dawn said...

Great! Pants = great novels? Aha! now I see where I've been going wrong! lol

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