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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I thought I'd combine my several semesters of college art classes (don't ask!) with my deft Powerpoint skills and throw together a faux-cover for my upcoming NaNoWriMo project.  I thought: "Everyone else is doing it!  Why not me?"

I found that designing a cover is considerably harder--nigh on near impossible!--when the book has yet to be written, but hey I figured I'd run with it and see what happens.

Thoughts?  Critiques?  Too floral?  Too literal?  I am curious what kind of story you think it is based on the cover...some feedback would be great!

The suggestion box is now open!

(BTW, the background photo is the work of Bas Lammers--used under the creative commons license.  He has a cornucopia of other amazing photos.  Go check them out--if you dare!  :D)

P.S.  All this talk of pantsing it and working without a net has been extremely inspirational, and has definitely pumped up my own internal volume for this project, but one thing I refuse to work without is a synopsis.  I find that forcing the idea into the synopsis format helps me distill things down to a basic conflict and action.  Do you find that?

Long story short, I hope to put up my synopsis in a few days and you can throw stones at that too!  And remember, throwing stones doesn't mean you're not still groovy!

12 bolts from the blue:

Lola Sharp said...

I think it's a gorgeous cover...and I'm hella jealous that you know how to make a cover! Summer with her banners, you with a cover....dude, I'm a loser.
(Summer said she'd make me a banner, the lovely sweetheart that she is...but for that I'd need to have a title, a clue what my story will be about, and a photo. That is a good one! *holding my sides laughing*)

And, last...a synopsis is totes NOT working without a net. BUT, if it feels loosey-goosey, free-ballin' pantsy to you...HUZZAH! Go you. :)

Maybe, IF I have time (which I won't...but I'll try), to offset your shift in the universe, I will try and put *some* thought into what I will write for Nano, and write a synopsis (the very thought does NOT sound inspirational or freeing, and makes me break out in a cold sweat. *twitch*) or at least a sentence of a story premise *twitch*.

Race you to the 50,000 word finish line! :)

Gotta run...

Catherine Denton said...

I love Daisies, so I'm already partial to your cover. I like your tag line too, made me curious.

I have to have a synopsis before NaNoWriMo or I flounder for the first week. No throwing stones here.
Making Life a Work of Art!

Liza said...

Nice cover. I'd pull it off the shelves and give it a peruse...

Anne R. Allen said...

Michelle at the Innocent Flower is discussing covers today, too. Interesting that your cover shows an innocent-looking flower. :-) I'd pick it up. It's classy. The art doesn't scream at you, but that phrase intrigues. I don't know if a phrase on the cover that's not a blurb is "allowed" in professional fiction covers, but it works for me.

Travener said...

Oh God, is it that time of year again already? Just makes me weep in shame for all the writing I'm not doing.

Emily Cross said...

Excellent cover! I wish you best of luck with NaNo you're braver soul than me !

Summer said...

I love it! The title/photo and the tagline seem so juxtaposed that it makes me instantly curious.

I'm still fumbling around with my cover, updating it as I figure out a better title, etc. The space they give you is so small, though! I'm going to pop over and see how yours uploaded.

DL Hammons said...

Me likes!!!

Christopher said...

I would guess its a prequel to The Great Gatsby about daisy.

Jon Paul said...

Lola--If you're a loser, I'm a can of peas. But I think a feel ya.

Free-ballin' pantsy? Is that an industry term I've not heard before? :D

Actually, a synopsis for me is simply the problem, and the broad action the MC takes in response to said problem. I will not--REPEAT NOT!--map out the rest of the story. We'll see where it goes, k?


Liza--Let's hope someday you have the opportunity to do just that! ;)

Anne--Since I'm not yet a professional, I can get away with murder!

Trav--Yeah, I had a bit of a feeling like that most of the summer--which is why I'm doing NaNoWriMo. Maybe you should join us!

Emily--Thanks so much!

Summer--Yeah, it is pretty small. I had to do some tweaking to make everything legible.

DL--Thank you, kind sir!

Christopher--How did you guess? Actually, Daisy is the name of one of my main characters, and the name choice is no accident--and Gatsby does have something to do with it--but it's a pretty distant connection. Of course, since the novel is not yet written, that is all subject to change!

Thank you all for stopping by guys!

Pat Tillett said...

I think it looks great.
"life is about more than looking for an exit" certainly has me wondering what's it about...

Claire Dawn said...

I don't have a visually artistic bone in my body. :( Wish I did.

I'm a pantser. But I don't think that's worked outso wel, so I'm trying to plan a bit more this time around.

Waddaya wanna say?

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