Day 9: Cheeseburger

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9!

I've had a bumpy few days--but not to worry.  I'm still feeling good, and the upcoming holiday weekend will no doubt be a boon for my wordcount.  Plus I've had plenty of time to think about my first few chapters and made some interesting connections I hadn't made before.

Bottom line: even though it's getting tougher, I'm still loving it.  And I think it's helpful to cultivate a sense of humor about these things--thus today's musical selection.

Enjoy The Lyle Himself performing one of his early hits: Here I Am

3 bolts from the blue:

farawayeyes said...

FIRST - I have to ask (you probably won't answer) where are you? Your 'waddaya wanna say?' sounds like my birth place.

SECOND - You should know; every day when I 'boot up', I check to see what's the song 'o the day. Of course, I'm in the Atlantic time zone (Caribbean). Depending on where you are (I assume somewhere in the states) it could be the wee hours of the morning. Just wanted you to know,someone is looking forward to your daily post.

THIRD - I think everybody is starting to struggle a bit. I know I am. Today feels a little like an Elton John kinda day "I'm still Standing". Glad to hear that you are too.

Keep up the good work. You're keeping some of us going.

Jon Paul said...

Barbara--FIRST: Sicily, but I'm from Texas originally. SECOND: I'm about 7 hours ahead of you--and thanks for the kind words. It's nice to be appreciated. THIRD: I may be back on track today, but only time will tell!

Thanks! Hope the good forward progress continues for you! :D

farawayeyes said...

Nice to hear from you. Daddy was right about what will happen if you 'assume'.

Hang in there. You are appreciated.

Waddaya wanna say?

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