Perfect Day

Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I can say is NaNo was a total blast this year. 

And that fun isn't just about success.  It's also a lot about sharing a process with you fellow writers--struggling, failing, digging deeper, carrying on, making it work, facing the beast--and being a part of something bigger than myself that made it so fun.

I still have another 50k or so words to write to complete this year's NaNo MS, but I'm already thinking about next year--and all the fun I'm going to have in the interim, making this story shine, seeing how far I can push it.

I think it's totally appropriate that Thanksgiving comes in November, the same month as NaNo, because I am again reminded how thankful and grateful I am to be a part of this community of writers.  Life is short, and sometimes we need to stop, take a look around, and realize how good things really are.  This is one of those days. 

So thanks to each one of you!  It's no exaggeration to say I couldn't have done it alone, so let's celebrate this perfect day.  Truly.   :D

How was your NaNo experience this year?  For those not doing NaNo, are you making progress on your own work? 

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